Welcome to the Nigerian Society of Addition Medicine (NSAM)

Our Vision

The Nigerian Society of Addiction Medicine aims to advance prevention and treatment for addiction disorders through facilitation and continuous advocacy for optimal standards in academic and professional training of addiction professionals in Nigeria, enlightenment of the general public, physician and medical student education, treatment and prevention research, and policy and guidelines development.



    Our Mission

    Promote awareness within the medical community and the general public of the nature and practice of addiction medicine and addiction as a preventable and treatable disease.

    Facilitate, advocate and support policies and practices that allow for ethical and evidence- based practice of addiction medicine in Nigeria.

    Define and establish relationships amongst addiction professionals and between addiction professionals and hospitals, public and private institutions, government authorities, other professional organisations, academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, medical administrators, and the medical and health care profession generally, and the public.

    Build capacity, facilitate locally relevant research, and develop context specific policies.

    Provide leadership and growth of a drug help service that facilitates brief counselling, referral and information for persons with substance use problems